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Good Prevails (prose)

I’m in the middle of reading Road to Valour and I find myself asking

Would I, a good woman, allow evil to prevail by doing nothing;

or worse still, would I be duped by evil failing to recognise its disguise and join its ranks?

or would I have the courage to meet evil in the eye and do my very best to vanquish it, in the knowledge that I could be tortured and killed;”

The answer is it is not until we find ourselves in the situation that we truly know the answer.

As a result I am exceedingly grateful that I live in a country and at a time where my character is not tested in such a way.

To the extraordinary women and men who throughout history demonstrated great courage in the fight against evil, we are forever in your debt.  We must always remember your bravery and what you fought for, so when evil greets us, we see through its disguise and fight it, just as you did.  By doing so we honour you and more importantly we honour Good.

The faith we must follow and believe in is that Good Prevails, to lose this faith means that evil in fact has prevailed.

And yet I wonder if the best way to fight evil is to create even more good.

And this is something that each and every person is capable of doing in some small way each and every day.

What Good did you create today?


Leadout Train

Can’t catch me

Oh yes I can

Oh no you can’t

Laughter spurts ahead

Chuckle and Chortle burst through

Merriment takes the win 

And the festival begins

Laughter, Merriment, Chuckle and Chortle


my bicycles sit neglected 
wondering if they will ever feel love again
while I lie lack lustre in a pit of mud
pathetically watching my dreams pass me by


I like riding in a gale

when the wind is at my tail

 when the wind is at my head 

I much prefer to be in bed

A New Day

In serenity

of the morning

we met

and spoke

of God


High Cadence Training

The Morning

The legs on the bike go round and round,

round and round,

round and round,

the legs on the bike go round and round

spinning like a bleedin’ hamster

The Afternoon

I got on the bike the legs said ouch,

shut the F!@# up,

shut the F$%^ up,

I told the legs to shut the F!@# up

and keep spinning like a bleedin’ hamster.

The Future

When we add in strength

I’ll have a kick ass sprint,

kick ass sprint,

kick ass sprint,

add in some strength and I’ll have a kick ass sprint

spinning like a fecking HAMSTER.


I crawled off the sofa to go to bed

go to bed

go to bed

I crawled off the sofa to go to bed

dreaming of the feckin’ HAMSTER

The Elephant’s Coat

He sat in the hall alone

willing the warmth of his coffee cup

to give life to his worn body

his grey coat

wrinkled with the memories of a thousand elephants

 a mask to his pain.

She sat next to him

her brown eyes mingled with his blue

they talked about the weather

his voice a bare rasp

of emotions concealed

in eternity.

She left 

the moment

cast in memory


in life

beginning in its end.

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